Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mixed feelings about the first LBF meeting

Today was the first LBF meeting. I showed an introductory powerpoint, and people were generally very attentive. The following discussion did not go how I intended it to go, though, and this is what I am worried about. Members in the club asked a lot of personal questions, which were answered with a lot of my own personal biases. But my personal biases are not what LBF is all about, they are just the conclusions that I have come to based on freethought. I felt like I was monopolizing the discussion with my own thoughts and opinions, and I want everyone to know that a 30 minute long lecture and Q and A by featuring Jaden is not going to be how the club is run. Usually, there will be an open discussion about a question or video or something, or there will be a speaker. I apologize for this, and hopefully it will change at the next meeting.

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